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Glen Illing - Partner

Glen Illing - Partner

Glen joined JB Equity as a Partner in 2015. A commercially driven leader with a truly global record, Glen is skilled in building and developing Life Science, Agribusiness and Biotechnology companies and thrives in bridging the gap between science, technology and business. 

He has over 25 years management experience in strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, greenfield start-ups and franchising operations, leading multinational and geographically dispersed teams, developing and implementing global strategies across Asia, Central Europe, South America, USA and Europe. Glen has managed companies through growth, market downturns, disease challenges, and strong competition by restructuring and innovatively developing solutions to revitalise organisations.

In 2006 he successfully led a management buyout of the SyAqua Group, an Applied Aquaculture Biotechnology company, and spearheaded the group as Chief Executive Officer. Over the next five years he operated the aquaculture quantitative genetics and biotechnology program, expanded the business into Indonesia and Singapore, developed export markets in Vietnam and India, and attracted a strategic investor. In his most recent role Glen has restructured, developed and implemented strategies as Regional Director in Asia Pacific & Africa for Topigs Norsvin, one of the most innovative global pig genetics companies.

Glen received his MBA from Bath University after graduating in Agriculture from Seale-Hayne Plymouth University, and awarded a postgraduate Management diploma at Oxford Brookes University.